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Antiviral Drug Discovery (AViDD) Open Science Forum - Shared screen with speaker view
Al Edwards
Party on guys. Great initiative!
John Chodera (he/him/his)
When do you folks want to speak about some of your awesome work?
John Chodera (he/him/his)
Welcome, everybody! Please post questions in the Q&A if you want the speakers to answer them right at the end of their talks. If you'd like to ask your questions directly, both speakers will stay after the talks for 30 min of unrecorded interactive discussion, where all those remaining in the webinar will be promoted to panelists.
John Chodera (he/him/his)
The SARS-CoV-2 X-ray fragment screen data Frank is discussing is linked at http://openantivirals.org/
John Chodera (he/him/his)
As a reminder, if you have questions for the speakers you'd like them to address right after their talks, please post in Q&A.
Oleg Fedorov
How did NUDT7 creep into it ? Yes, i was involved but still curious.
John Chodera (he/him/his)
Oleg, can you post your question in the Q&A tab?
Rachael Skyner
At some point we were publishing all of the open source data available from SGC projects on Diamonds disks.
Oleg Fedorov
John Chodera (he/him/his)
No problem! Just trying to keep organized
John Chodera (he/him/his)
If you have questions for James Fraser, please post them in the Q&A tab! After a brief Q&A, we'll promote everyone remaining in the webinar to panelists for interactive unrecorded discussion with both Frank and James.
John Chodera (he/him/his)
You can find preprints related to this work and other resources (X-ray fragment screens and novel hits) for SARS-CoV-2 Nsp3 macrodomain from the Fraser lab linked at http://openantivirals.org/