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Sanders Tri-Institutional Chemical Biology Seminar Series
11/1/2021: Dr. Herman Sintim - New-generation Selective Inhibitors for Secondary Mutated Protein Kinases

12/13/2021: Dr. Karen Akinsanya - Computation in Discovery & Development: Does it Help Advance Clinical Hypothesis Testing?

3/21/2022: Dr. Elizabeth Rhoades - Functional Mechanisms of Dysfunctional Proteins

4/18/2022: Dr. Lynette Cegelski - Discovery and New Chemistry at the Bacterial Cell Surface

5/16/2022: Dr. Jun O. Liu - Rapamycin-inspired Macrocycles as Novel Chemical Probes and Drug Leads

6/27/2022: Dr. Peng Chen - Biorthogonal Cleavage Chemistry-enabled Spatial-Temporal Proteomics
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